Tichodroma 33 (2021): 21–31. DOI: 10.31577/tichodroma.2021.33.3

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Štruktúra a diverzita hniezdnej ornitocenózy podhorskej obce v Javorníkoch (severozápadné Slovensko)
Structure and diversity of a breeding bird assemblage of a foothills village in the Javorníky Mts. (NW Slovakia)

Katedra aplikovanej zoológie a manažmentu zveri, Lesnícka fakulta, Technická univerzita vo Zvolene, T. G. Masaryka 20, 960 01 Zvolen, Slovakia; e-mail: martin.kornan@gmail.com
Centrum pre ekologické štúdie, Ústredie 14, 013 62 Veľké Rovné, Slovakia

Abstract. Studies of bird assemblage ecology of Slovak suburban sites are uncommon in the Slovak ornithological literature. The objective of this study is to describe basic community characteristics of breeding bird assemblage of a foothills village Veľké Rovné in the Javorníky Mts. and compare results with the exiting studies from Slovakia. Bird counts were conducted by fixed radius (100 m) point count method (n = 20 points per season) twice during the breeding season in the period 2017–2021. In total, 53 species (three absenting in points) (range 30–38 per year in samples) were detected in the village during five-year study. There were six dominant species (≥ 5%): Fringilla coelebs (14.84%), Sylvia atricapilla (12.08%), Cyanistes caeruleus (7.80%), Phoenicurus ochruros (6.86%), Parus major (6.33%) and Motacilla cinerea (5.45%). The mean total assemblage density was estimated on 54.27 ind./10 ha (σ = 5.07, n = 5) varying from 48.06 to 61.91 ind./10 ha per year. Significant differences in total bird abundance per points among years were not detected by Friedman test. Monte Carlo individual-based rarefaction detected significant differences among years in species richness and Shannon index in large subsample of individuals, no differences were detected in absolute theoretical species richness (Chao 1 estimator). Total assemblage density was comparable to some of previous studies, yet some differences were found in dominant species structure.

Key words: bird community, structure, species richness, diversity, point counts, rural settlement

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Korňan M.: Štruktúra a diverzita hniezdnej ornitocenózy podhorskej obce v Javorníkoch (severozápadné Slovensko). Tichodroma 33: 21–31. DOI: 10.31577/tichodroma.2021.33.3

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